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PULP - Who are they and why should you listen to them?
Groups. Groups, like thousands of dirty potatoes thrown into the same sack. How do you know one from another? Is it worth the effort? That's how it is nowadays, a new one on the market shouting its virtues at the top of its voice, too much noise. So you get of it and stop listening.
Fair Enough.
So here's another group, Pulp, from Sheffield. Wanting your attention like all the rest. Offering you music. Music that is good, yes GOOD. There are many words I could use but you would probably have heard them before. At one time they might interested you but now they've had all the juice sucked out of them. So we'll leave it at good, very good in fact. Anyway, if words could describe it, why make music? This is what all the others claim but never deliver. Fresh air, beauty, stupidity, owt you want, pal; Pulp got it. Ok?

  • Index - that'll bring you back to this page, here just in case one gets lost
  • History - history of the band and individual members
  • Discography - list of their recordings, there's a brief version; and a sloppy, more complete version
  • Lyrics - lyrics...
  • Images - various multimedia picture files
  • Clips - sound files, links to video clips, transcripts and reviews
  • Links - links to other Pulp sites and other information (books, mailing lists, etc)
  • E-mail - mail which goes to me (a teenager in Texas), NOT jarvis nor any other band member


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  • Note: I realize that this site is done up in Different Class mode, and I do realize that the visual style for
    This Is Hardcore is not similiar at all. My answer to this is "Oh, shut it".
    Another Note: For those of you who decide to e-mail me for some reason or another, I have no relation to the band as noted above. Furthurmore, I'm an AOL member, which means I get a load of unsolicited porn mail on a daily basis, so if you do e-mail me please don't put just a "hey" or "Hi, wanna see my pic? 21/f" in the subject line, since I'd just delete it. Just make the subject stand out amongst all the teen girls wanting me to come visit their website and others offering me 10 cents a minute on long distance calls, perhaps a capitalized PULP will catch my attention, but perhaps not. Also, I'm not very good at answering questions, unless they're opinion questions, so have low expectations of me and I shall deliver.

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