Note: I could lie and say I check these links on a regular basis, but I don't, so if you come across a dead link, you could e-mail me, but since I'm on an honesty kick, I suppose I'll say that I may not care enough to change it right away.

  • Official Website - not bad as far as official sites, holds contests regularly
  • Space - my favorite of the websites, maintained by Anthony Bailey
  • Common People Comic Book
  • Different Pulp
  • Early Evening Television - an American fanzine site
  • Luke's Pulp Spiel
  • A Major Contribution to Road Safety
  • Nights of Suburbia - excellently designed, with loads of Jarvis pictures
  • Pulp Freaks - a webpage dedicated to Pulp's mailing list and its members
  • Pulp World
  • Razzmatazz - a message board for Pulp fans, rather good but there's loads of "Jarvis is so sexy" posts
  • Read Along With The Common People
  • The Rick's Pulp Page
  • Russell Senior Page
  • Stephen Bray's Glossy Page
  • Tankkid's Pulp Page
  • With Liberty And Jarvis For All

  • Newsgroups
  • Pulp Newsgroup - Usenet message board

  • Mailing Lists
  • Lipgloss Mailing List - Pulp mailing list, write "subscribe lipgloss" in the message part to sign up
  • Countdown - a relatively new, friendly mailing list, created due to the fights on Lipgloss. No rules about only posting about Pulp.
  • Seperations - another list created due to the Lipgloss fights - strictly for Pulp content only,
    closed at the moment

  • Chats
  • #pulpchat - an IRC on Dalnet
  • If you're on AOL, you can try the Britpop Chatroom under UK Experience, if they're not
    arguing about Blur vs Oasis and UK vs US, it's possible that Pulp is being discussed.

  • Books
  • Pulp by Martin Aston - A detailed account of Pulp's history, if you enjoy the "Various Notes" sections on this website, then this is the one for you, however, all the photos are in black and white.

  • Pulp: An Illustrated Biography by Linda Halloway - this is the one to get if you want a quick read (it's not very detailed) and a lot of photographs (some in color, some in black and white).

  • Pulp: The Illustrated Story by Paul Lester - Fairly detailed, a good deal of the text is quotes taken from various interviews and suchlike, and loads of photos (another mixture of color and black and white), however, some the photographs have Teenbeat-like subtitles such as "He knows what time it is" (picture of Jarvis holding a clock) and "Has he got shoes for you!" (picture of Jarvis modelling shoes for a charity fashion show). Trivial, but they can get on the nerves easily.

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