(About Me)

(I haven't got a scanner so the picture of the dog is substituting for a picture of me for now).

First off, my name is Jenny and I'm 16 - 17 on September 1st - which means it's only about a year until I too can legally purchase cigarettes (even though I don't smoke, I'd still like to have that right). I live in a suburban hell called Spring, about 45-60 minutes north of Houston, depending on the traffic.

My interests are generic - movies (A Clockwork Orange, This Is Spinal Tap, Brazil, The Fisher King, Quadrophenia, and so on), music (see below), and reading (Alice In Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass, The Picture Of Dorian Gray, The Catcher In The Rye, and so on)...

Why did I make a Pulp page?
Mostly due to boredom, but besides that... I don't consider Pulp my all time favorite group (although they're up there) but they did manage to get me interested in music. After hearing 'I Spy' on the Mission Impossible soundtrack, I hurriedly got Different Class and later got the rest of their albums. Subsequently, I became interested in a load of bands including Radiohead, Blur, XTC, Talking Heads, The Smiths, David Bowie, Scott Walker, They Might Be Giants, The Jam, and Suede. So while they may not be my favorite, they probably had the most initial impact.

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