Note: Like the rest of this site, I'm not completely positive about the accuracy. If you'd like to read an accurate account of Pulp and its' members' history, get thee to a bookstore and buy Martin Aston's book, Pulp, if you like detailed accounts or if you prefer color photographs and small blurbs of text, then Linda Halloway's Pulp: An Illustrated Biography or Paul Lester's Pulp: The Illustrated Story will suit your needs. I've got a more in depth analysis of these books in the Links section.

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  • History of the band
  • Line-up changes

  • Russell Senior - guitar and violin (no longer with the band)

  • Nick Banks - drummer
  • Jarvis Cocker - lead vocals, guitar
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  • Candida Doyle - keyboards
  • Steve Mackey - bass guitar
  • Mark Webber - guitar

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