Nick Banks    - drums
          Jarvis Cocker - lead vocals and guitar
          Candida Doyle - piano and keyboard   
          Steve Mackey  - bass guitar
          Russell Senior - guitar and violin

©1992 Fire Records

Track Listing:
  1. Love Is Blind
  2. Don't You Want Me Anymore?
  3. She's Dead
  4. Seperations
  5. Down By The River
  6. Countdown
  7. My Legendary Girlfriend
  8. Death II
  9. This House Is Condemned

All words by Jarvis Cocker
All Music by Pulp.
Various Notes:
  • The release of this album was delayed due to a legal fight Pulp was having with Fire Records.
  • My Legendary Girlfriend was given NME's single of the week status and eventually became number 31 in NME's Top 50 singles poll.
  • This album marked Pulp's move towards more dance-type music.
  • Singles released:
  • My Legendary Girlfriend with b-sides Is This House? and This House Is Condemned
  • Countdown with the b-side Death Goes To Disco
  • My Legendary Girlfriend with b-sides Sickly Grin and Back In LA

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