Love Is Blind

N.B. Please do not read the lyrics whilst listening to the recordings

Give me the city, give me the sea.
Give to me everything I need.
The future is shining like a giant metal beast.
It shines so bright tonight, with it's legs open wide.

And love is blind,
Falls in love with itself again.
Like it never should.
The way it always can.
And she is mine.
But the world is much bigger now.
Oh tell me, should I hold her hand
And give her love?
Or take her heart and throw it far away?

Oh now is the time to jump into it all
I'll just hold my nose and try not to fall
To seek and to find instead of walking around
With eyes glued to the sky I turn them down to the ground
Oh and I used to think that maybe one day
I'd find the love of my life
Oh but it's so far away
Oh I don't know why
Oh but I want it all tonight

And love is blind
Falls in love with itself again
Like it never should
The way it always can
Oh and she is mine
But the world is so much bigger now
Oh tell me, should I hold her hand
And give her love
Or take her heart
And throw it far away?

We held hands
And we looked out of the bedroom window
We could see all the buildings collapsing around us
So we kissed and we laid on the bed
And we waited for the ceiling to fall in
But it never did
In the morning it was all still there
The spilled milk and the dog-turds
In that grey ashtray morning light
I could hear thousands of people
And they were all singing this song:
La la la la la...

Hey butcher!
Oh, oh, oh hey butcher!
What's your name?
Oh hey butcher, what's your game?
Ah, you take all their love
And you suck out their eyes
And then you rip out their hearts
And you eat their insides
Yeah, then you just walk away
With a smile on your face
Hey butcher
Hey butcher
I've seen your face before

La la la la la...

And love is blind.

Lyrics by Jarvis Cocker, music by Pulp
From the album Seperations

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