N.B. Please do not read the lyrics whilst listening to the recordings

The tenth of July 1985...
Don't ask stupid questions...
I had nothing else to do I was bored...
I had, I had not...
Fifteen weeks since the light has gone,
Fifteen weeks with the same shirt on,
A thousand bodies stink and sweat
And somebody's rolling a cigarette.
Clean mister. Clean mister.
Clean missed her.

Just relax and enjoy it, it's nothing really.
Let's get you out of those damp clothes,
Just lift yourself up, get those dreadful trousers off.
You'll feel so much better afterwards.
Just close your eyes and let it ooze all over you.
Trickling down your back warm and sticky.
Isn't that nice?
No don't speak, just let yourself go,
Sink, sinking down deeper and deeper and deeper.

At 3 o'clock that morning I awoke in an unfamiliar room...
In my hands like sodden paper...
A thick, glutinous pale green liquid...

Sunlight through net curtains,
6,000 miles an hour into brilliant white light.
There's a brass band playing somewhere.
Roll on your back and wait for the talcum.
But what's that?
Pull back the linen sheets
To find the shirt they peeled of your back
Only two hours before the bed tips sideways.

And to one day wake up in green fields
With the sky blue above me.
And to be clean again.
But I'll never be clean again.

Written by Jarvis Cocker, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle, and Peter Mansell
From the compilation Masters Of The Universe
B-side to They Suffocate At Night

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