Russell Senior

Note: Good choice. My personal favorite (even if he's gone).

Russell Senior was born in Sheffield in 1961. He graduated from Bath University with a degree in Business Studies. He had ran a fanzine, The Bath Banker and was in a horrible band of the same name (he also had once belonged to another heavy rock band, Isengard, named after a valley in the Tolkien book, Lord Of The Rings). He first met Pulp in August when the band played at Sheffield's The Leadmill Club. Afterwards, he gave Pulp their first published review in his fanzine.

The Fruits Of Passion
After Russell quit his band and his fanzine, he returned to Sheffield and decided to try to draw attention. He wrote a play (a "dadiaist-influences piece of agit-prop") called The Fruits Of Passion, which climaxed in Jarvis eating dog excrement. How Divine of him. (This may explain why the phrase "dog turds" and the subject of dogs seem to appear in many of Pulp's songs). They managed to fully complete four performances of the play despite being "bottled off everywhere".

After The Fruits Of Passion, Russell joined Pulp and handled the business side of things. In the Fire days, he'd try his hand at writing lyrics (Fairground, The Will To Power) and singing (Fairground, The Will To Power, Anorexic Beauty, etc), but soon gave up (on account of a "crap voice") and let Jarvis carry on. Early on, he was the stern, authority figure. He was committed to Pulp and would get angry if other members were to show up late to practices (which lead to many arguments since at this time, Peter Mansell and Magnus Doyle, who had a tendency to goof off, were also in the band). After Pulp became more successful, he toned down.

Russell left Pulp on January 21, 1997 in order to pursue other projects. The split was publicly said to be friendly. Last I heard, he lives in Sheffield with his girlfriend and two children. His influences are Eastern European folk, electronic post punk duo, Suicide, Kraftwerk, The Rolling Stones, Johann Sebastian Bach, Clock DVA, Cabaret Voltaire, and The Rolling Stones.

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