N.B. Please do not read the lyrics whilst listening to the recordings

Manon, Manon keeps a corpse in his home.
Manon, Manon picks the flesh from her bones.
Manon. Manon.
Manon, Manon; hard and white as a stone.
Manon, Manon sits all alone, all alone.
Manon, Manon.
Manon, Manon leave her body alone.
Manon. Manon.
Manon, Manon put a match to your home.
Manon. Manon.
Dans le jardins on peut voir Manon;
Un enfant de quarante-cinq ans.
Ca femme est morte
- Oui c'est vrai.
Mais il cevillit le peau de ces os.
Derriere les arbres il voit une jeune fille en jouant avec son frere.
Il les approche.
Je vous renonce Manon.
Vous etes un vrai chien.
Laissez son corps en paix Manon.
Manon. Manon

Written by Jarvis Cocker, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle, and Peter Mansell
From the compilation Masters Of The Universe
B-side to Master of the Universe (Sanitized Version)
Appears on the Imminent 4 compilation

  • My mediocre translation of the French:

    In the gardens, one can see Manon
    A forty-five year old child.
    The woman is dead.
    Yes, it's true.
    But he picks (??) the skin off her bones.
    Behind the trees he sees a young girl playing with her brother.
    He approaches.
    I renounce you, Manon.
    You are a true dog.
    Leave her body in peace, Manon.

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