Steve Mackey

Steve Patrick Mackey was born in Sheffield on the 10th of November, 1966. He had previously belonged to a band called Trolley Dog Shag, a mix of MC5, Stooges-style metal, and punk. He studied film production in London's Goldsmiths College while working part time as a runner on commercials and music videos. He had known Jarvis from back in Sheffield, and would get stoned and go to the pub and try to get Jarvis to tell stories.

Joining Up
When Jarvis moved to London to go to college at St Martin's, he had nowhere to stay. Steve offered to sell him his Camberwell apartment for 150 because it had a metal door on it, which was put on due to the squalid conditions (kids shooting up on the stairways, and so on). Jarvis paid and Steve took an upstairs flat. It was during this period that Jarvis and Steve began attending raves and Steve took on the role of the modernizer for Pulp.

His looks often get him compared to Alex James (Blur's bassist). Last I heard, he was living with Justin Welch, the drummer for Elastica and listening to Scott Walker, St Etienne, John Barry, Roxy Music, Giorgio Moroder, Nick Cave, and Derrick May.

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