Little Girl (With Blue Eyes) E.P.

Jarvis Cocker  -  vocals / guitar
Peter Mansell  -  bass Magnus Doyle   -  drums 
Candida Doyle  -  keyboards(backing vocals on 
Little Girl) Russell Senior - violin and guitar
©1985 Fire Records

Track Listing:
  1. Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)
  2. Simultaneous
  3. Blue Glow
  4. The Will To Power

All tracks written by Jarvis Cocker, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle, and Peter Mansell.

Various Notes:
  • "Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)" is about Jarvis' mother, and was inspired by seeing a picture of her getting out of her wedding car. She had gotten pregnant and had to give up art college and get married.
  • "Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)" was banned from the radio due to its chorus. A DJ on New Age Musak, a progressive pop radio show, stated "Well, I never expected anything like that from Pulp".
  • Little Girl (With Blue Eyes) E.P. sold well under 2000 copies.
  • Three Days before "Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)" was released, Jarvis fell 3 stories trying to impress a girl (I've heard different versions of the story, some claim he was doing a Jim Morrison impression, another says a Spiderman impression - as the above sleevenote states, and I've also heard he had seen another guy do it recently, and was just copying). His hospital time gave him time to rethink his life's decisions (He decided to "stop living for the future") and to read Tom Wolfe, who inspired him to write about everyday life.
  • Although Jarvis performed live in his wheelchair, Russell had attempted to get him to perform from a stretcher.
  • "The Will To Power" got its name from a 1934 Nazi propaganda film, Triumph Of The Will, which dealt with Nietzsche's philosophy of 'homo superior'. The song attracted bellicose skinheads so Pulp soon quit playing it live.

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