Jarvis Cocker
       Simon Hinkler
       Peter Boam
       David Hinkler
       Wayne Furniss
       Beefy GarryO
   Mister Barry Thompson
Jill Taylor and Saskia Cocker
         Jon Short 
   Joanne, Julie and Alison
©1982 Red Rhino

Track Listing:
  1. My Lighthouse
  2. Wishful Thinking
  3. Joking Aside
  4. Boats And Trains
  5. Blue Girls
  6. Love Love
  7. In Many Ways
  8. Looking For Life (Bonus Track)

Music by Pulp, lyrics by Jarvis Cocker.

Various Notes:
  • The name of the album, It, was a pun on the word "pulpit" in the idea that they were preaching to people.
  • The album was inspired by Leonard Cohen (acoustical sound, female backing vocals, Jarvis' deep lugubrious voice).
  • The album was recorded in Victoria Studios which was located in an old factory, using only one microphone that the studio owner claimed had once been owned by Cliff Richard.
  • The Simon and David on this album are brothers; Beefy GarryO's real name is Garry Wilson, he earned his nickname with his bear-like apperance; Jill Taylor (Jarvis now admits to fancying her) and Saskia Cocker were backing vocalists while Joanne, Julie and Alison were the conversationalists on "Blue Girls"; the Mister Barry Thompson was a father of a schoolfriend and one-time bandmate, Philip Thompson, and contributed his clarinet and flute playing skills to the album.
  • There was some confusion on whether "My Lighthouse" was phallic or not, but in actuality the song was inspired by a French arthouse film, Diva, that used a lighthouse as it's central image.
  • The band apparently had no time to rehearse before recording (for those of you who have heard the album, this probably doesn't come as a surprise).
  • Jarvis believes he was forced into making a softer sounding album in the likes of Wham! by Tony Perrin, their manager at the time, and Simon Hinkler. Perrin says it was "directing more than forcing him".
  • The album sold 300 copies during it's first release, its single, "My Lighthouse", sold 150 copies.
  • Singles released:
  • 'My Lighthouse' with the b-side Looking For Life

  • Hello God, are you there? It's me