Candida Doyle

Candida Mary Doyle was born on August 25, 1963 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She had a brother, Magnus, who was the Keith Moonish drummer for Pulp at the time, and she was dating guitarist, Peter Mansell. The then keyboardist, Tim Allcard, could neither write nor play well so Peter and Magnus suggested Candida (who had once taken piano lessons). She ended up staying.

The only female member of the band, she keeps them from getting too crude and laddish. Although, in the early days, during the committed vs non-committed fights, she had to remain in between most of the time (since, although she was somewhat interested in staying in the band, her brother, Magnus, and boyfriend, Pete, weren't). She did eventually leave Pulp for a few months after both Magnus and Pete quit.

I believe she lives in Sheffield (although she did move to London for awhile) with Pete Mansell. She colllects plastic jewelry and cracker novelties and musically, she enjoys Pink Floyd, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, punk, Spirtualized, and disco.

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