Dogs Are Everywhere E.P.

Jarvis Cocker  -  vocals / guitar
Peter Mansell  -  bass (backing vocals on 
Dogs are Everywhere) Magnus Doyle - drums Candida Doyle - keyboards (backing vocals on
Dogs are Everywhere) Russell Senior - violin and guitar
©1986 Fire Records

Track Listing:
  1. Dogs are Everywhere
  2. Mark Of The Devil
  3. 97 Lovers
  4. Aborigine
  5. Goodnight

All tracks written by Jarvis Cocker, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle, and Peter Mansell.

Various Notes:
  • "Dogs Are Everywhere" was written by Jarvis in the hospital using a keyboard his mother bought him.
  • "Dogs Are Everywhere" was inspired by Magnus and Pete and a couple of their friends stealing bottles from a bar and getting them all (including Russell and Jarvis) in trouble. Jarvis considered this a "doggish attitude".
  • Dogs Are Everywhere E.P. sold just 300 copies.
  • The b-side, "The Mark Of The Devil", was originally intended to be the A-side and Pulp considered it their best song, but the recorded version was notably inferior.
  • The woman with the Roger Moore picture in "97 Lovers" was Jarvis' aunt.
  • "Aborigine" was named so because of the primitive beat and orchestration.

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