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AOLiveMC1: Let's give a big welcome to Jarvis Cocker!

JarvisCkr: Hello.

AOLiveMC8: Welcome, Jarvis !

JarvisCkr: Hello

AOLiveMC1: Let's get to the audience questions right now...

Question: What was on the video tape you received from a fan at the boston show?

JarvisCkr: That's a really good question. Someone passed me a video tape when we were about the song This is Hardcore. It was from a quite attractive girl. I put it down and I meant to ask our road manager where he put it. I don't know it's safe somewhere but I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I'm sure it's contains very interesting material.

Question: jarvis, what do you think of the bad rap your older work always gets? recently got into stuff like "freaks" and "masters of the universe" and i think it's great stuff...don't you agree?

JarvisCkr: Well, it's cool to look at things you did in the past. Because you change and your not the person you were. Having said that when we were getting ready to play the concert we're doing now we did kind of look into the past. When we played the Boston show...I Want You it's the first time we played the show in about 10 years. Some past stuff was quite good. Which surprised me.

Question: I heard that Pulp are doing a song with Puff Daddy, how did that come about...if it's true?

JarvisCkr: Puff Daddy? It probably would be really useful. I have to say I don't know where that rumor came from but unfortunately it's not true.

Question: do you have a high self esteem? will you be touring the us and will it be only certain cities or will it be all over the country?

JarvisCkr: Well it depends on what I've been doing. I'm not that keen on the self to be honest that's why I kind of create things to make myself feel ok. My self esteem at this moment is not too bad. We started playing concerts again. I was kind of a bit worried about it being fake kind of thing. It seems like it feels quite natural. Because of that my self esteem is quite reasonable because I feel like I have some kind of purpose in the world.

Question: Hey Jarvis!!!! I'll be attending the NYC show on Tuesday, and I'm ecstatic!!! Anyway, I wanted to know if we can expect any surprises?

JarvisCkr: Well, that's a self defeating question. If I come onto the stage as a Tyrannosaurous then I'll be giving away something. Although we'll plan out the songs we play...I never plan what I'm going to say between songs. It's important to give yourself the opportunity to play off the situation. You've got to let it be spontaneous.

Question: jarvis, we saw you in boston, and it was wonderful! thank you for doing 'i want you'. wondered if the lyric 'i am not jesus, but i have the same intials' was inspired by the cover of the second issue of the american pulp fanzine EETV.

JarvisCkr: I'm not sure what was on the cover of EETV. I can say that song was inspired by a couple of things. I reached the age of 33. When I reached the age I was informed. That was the age Jesus was crucified. Many men have a mid life crisis at that age as Jesus Christ had in his life time. Douglas Couplind who wrote Girl Friend in a coma the age of 33 is an important age for a man. But anyway that got me thinking....and my initials are the same,d JC. I'm quite happy to be a human being rather than a messiah.

Question: Who is your fave Brit Band?

JarvisCkr: See that there is no time scale on that... at the moment Brit music is quite good. I racking my brain right now ... There's a band Add N To X...they use synths and things they are quite noisy. I think they're interesting. Trying to do something new. I like that. On the 25 of July in dwe're playing with them in Frinsbury Park in London

AOLiveMC1: Jarvis, there are a lot of questions regarding tour places/stops. Do you know where fans can find a schedule of your stops?

JarvisCkr: Our tour schedule can be found at

Question: what song will u be playin tonite on Conan? I'll be up watchin it 4 sure! Cheers!

JarvisCkr: Well we just came back from doing that. We did the song Party Hard and we attempted to party as hard as we're used to at 5 pm in the afternoon.

Question: the lyrics on this album suggest that you are uncomfortable with being a role model for your fans. is this true, and if so, why are you uncomfortable with this role?

JarvisCkr: Well, I've always said it...pop stars are one of the worst people to make your role models. Because they're egotistical and only think about theirselves. They don't have much to offer in the way of other people. The best way is to make things up for your selves. That's what pop stars do make their persona for themselves. Maybe why I feel uncomfortable because something I created for my own benefit because much more widely known. Almost like I created a brand name for myself. I never did it for a reason...something I could sell. It's a little bit difficult to adjust to that. I feel much more comfortable with it now.

Question: Jarvis, you're the ice of fashion. Do you fear the idea of aging or death?

JarvisCkr: I fear both of them of course. But it's funny I was thinking about it today on the plane. I bought the English paper the Observer and read it on the plane. There was an article about some scientist who isolated some gene. You wouldn't be young but you could slow down aging. I wish that an exception could be made in my case.., there's a finite amount of time on this earth. That's why I'm attempting to stop watching TV. I don't want to spend my life as a spectator.

Question: what's your favorite track from 'This Is Hardcore'?

JarvisCkr: I was quite pleased with This Is Hardcore. The one that surprised me the most is I'm A Man. Although I kind of liked it it was never my favorite on my album. But since we started playing it live...I really like it...

Question: My personal favorite Pulp song is "They Suffocate at Night"...what were your early Freaks-era shows like???

JarvisCkr: You're asking the wrong person. They were quite tramatic. In early 1988 we played that song and tried to put a good show on. This show we wanted to be the real spectical in terms of music and films projected as well as smells, inscense for each song. Then snow on stage. What happened on the day of the concert. What was supposed to be a full stage wise projection the projector broke, the smells were tiny inscense cones with a hair dryer blowing them. The snow was supposed to be buckets of paper, but the buckets feel and the air blowers didn't have the power to make the snow. In the end the snow looked like it was hoovering. So the effect was not what we intended. Our ambition did not reach our it was amusing for the audience but disappointing for me. But at least we were trying.

Question: How do you cope with fame?

JarvisCkr: I think everybody copes with it in a different way. I guess it's a thing a lot of people fantasize about. As with so many things in life the reality of the situation is very different. What you thought you would be and the reality can be a bit disappointing. You find yourself in a different situation and you need time to get used to it. I think you have to stop yourself from taking it too seriously. In three years time you may not be that famous and you might be back at the bus stop.

Question: Hope your doing well, I was in Toronto and I saw the come your not playing Disco 2000 ? (2nd most popular song to Common People)

JarvisCkr: We rehearsed it. Now we're quite near the year 2000. Maybe we should wait until we're near 2000 to play it. Maybe if we're in a certain mood one night maybe we'll play. There's no big reason for playing it. Just didn't really feel like it.

Question: Since your noted for brilliant song writing.. do you feel pressure to keep living up to the hype that goes along with your abilities?

JarvisCkr: I think that you have to apply pressure on yourself but not from what people expect you to produce. You should attempt to better what you did in the past. You have to push yourself to create something. Do better than what you did in the past. That's what I'm always trying to do. What I'm trying to do this time keep working on stuff while traveling. It's good cause you don't get out of practice and it keeps you out of trouble.


JarvisCkr: It's very true. We'll be there between 5 pm and 7 pm.

Question: What does the cover of 'This Is Hardore" represent to you? We can't decide if the girl is dead or not...

JarvisCkr: I just like to say that this is my first ever cyber interview and has been very painless. I do look at things on the internet and I do get into the Pulp sites. It entertains me to look at the Pulp sites that are online. When we were getting our ideas for sleeve together we worked with guy name John Currin a NY artist. I wanted to have a image that initially looked appealing. A naked girl I apologize to the women. Semi clad women are how they sell things to people, like at the motor shows. So wanted to have the naked girl that gets people interest.

JarvisCkr: Some people said she looks dead or like a dummy. When you look closer there is something not quite right about her. It was more like a bit of the theme of the attracted to something and repulsed by it at the same time. I was in a group for years and years and had a lot of time to think about what it was like to be famous. I found it quite repulsive. Now I've found a way to find some beauty in being famous. Like pornography it seems to promise something but it really doen't satisfy that need. We had some problems in the UK with it being sexist and stuff. I think by being blatent and hardcore is more honest than putting a model next to something and having everybody buy it.

AOLiveMC1: Jarvis, we're glad you took the time out of your busy schedule to appear with us, your very first online interview.

AOLiveMC8: Great event, Jarvis. We hope you'll come back again! Thank you.

AOLiveMC1: Any final words tonight for your audience?

JarvisCkr: Thank you all so much.

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