His 'N' Hers

          Nick Banks    - percussion, fire extinguisher
          Jarvis Cocker - lead vocals and guitar
          Candida Doyle - piano and keyboard   
          Steve Mackey  - bass guitar
          Russell Senior - guitar, violin

©1994 Island Records

Track Listing:
  1. Joyriders
  2. Lipgloss
  3. Acrylic Afternoons
  4. Have You Seen Her Lately?
  5. Babies
  6. She's A Lady
  7. Happy Endings
  8. Do You Remember The First Time?
  9. Pink Glove
  10. Some One Like The Moon
  11. David's Last Summer
  12. Razzmatazz (Hidden U.S. Track)

All words by Jarvis Cocker
All Music by Pulp.

Please deliver us from matching sweatshirt and 'Chicken In The Rough', from evenings sat
on couple row admiring the flock, from Sundays spent parading the aisles of Meadowhall.
We don't want to live like this. It's bad for our health. Do something soon or it's curtains.
(Just as long as they match with the walls and the sofa)

Various Notes:
  • Part of the video for Razzmatazz was shot inside The Ideal, a favorite hotel of songwriter, Jacques Brel (an inspiration of Jarvis'). The rest inculded footage from the Paris district, La Pigalle, and London's Sunset Street club in Soho.
  • Joyriders was inspired by a couple of 14 year olds who hot-wired Jarvis' Hillman Imp after it broke down. Meanwhile, Jarvis had to sit in their stolen Ford and listen to techno tapes.
  • She's A Lady borrows from Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive".
  • There's been some discussion over whether Pink Glove refers to a diaphragm. But the song's title was inspired by one of Candida's pink gloves, giving Jarvis the idea of a woman who keeps a man by wearing sexy accessories. Perhaps it has a double meaning.
  • The fire extinguisher was used to making a pinging sound (they didn't actually spray it)
  • The cover art was an airbrush by Philip Castle who did the original poster for the acclaimed Kubrick film, A Clockwork Orange.
  • Do You Remember The First Time?, a tale about virginity loss, had an accompanying documentary in which the band members confessed about how they gave it up.
  • Nick Banks - lost his in a loft conversion on some orange cushions.
  • Jarvis Cocker - in Weston Park in Sheffield when he was 19 with another virgin
  • Candida Doyle - to her boyfriend and then bandmate, Peter Mansell
  • Steve Mackey - to a blonde woman who was 9 years older than him
  • Russell Senior - to his friend's girlfriend by mistake - he rolled over onto the wrong girl
  • Singles Released:
  • Babies with the b-sides Styloroc: Nites of Suburbia and Sheffield: Sex City
  • Razzmatazz with the b-sides Stacks and 59 Lyndhurst Grove
  • Lipgloss with the b-sides Deep Fried In Kelvin and You're A Nightmare
  • Do You Remember The First Time? with the b-sides Street Lites and
    The Babysitter

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