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Miki Jarvis Together

I've been so happy since I walked away.
I never thought that I could feel as great as I do today.
'Cause you were nothing but a big mistake,
And life is wonderful now that I'm rid of you.

Oh, I must've been crazy to have stayed with you.
I can't believe I thought I was in love with you.
But now the scales have fallen, I can really see.
And I say go to hell, 'cause that's where you took me.

Well, I've felt better since I slammed that door.
You always cramped my style, I never noticed before.
It's been a non-stop party since I flew the coop.
I can't believe I fell for such a loser like you.

And is it wonder that I felt so blue, when I was always having to put up with you.

Oh, here we go again - just lay the blame on me.
Don't say another word, 'cause sweetheart, you're history.

I know that you miss me really. Bet you wish that you still had me.
You'll never find someone like me.
But, I've got no regrets at all.

I bet you're alone every minute and you're sitting in the kitchen
Eating meager meals with the curtains closed.
Come on, your best is not to be (????)
I don't give a damn, anyway.

'Cause I met this girl and she's so good to me.
She's really beautiful, fantastic company.
Oh, when I'm with her, I realise what love can be.
'Cause she'd 50 times the person you'll ever be.

Good luck, mister, do you think I care?
Since you've been gone, the offers have been everywhere.
I've got a million guys just lining up for me.
I've turned a corner, boy, my life is ecstasy.

I've been in heaven since I walked away.
I never thought I could feel as great as I do today.
'Cause you were nothing but a waste of space.
And life is wonderful, now that I'm over you.

Written by Lush
Appears on the Lush album, Lovelife

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